We grew up in marketing and communication area and in the fair project, development and organization.
We made Italian organic sector grow up and become one of the best productive sector with highest level of increase in the Italian agro-food area.
We met the operation and logistic area and we got involved in this great affair. We unified these different experiences to improve Italian companies development.Thanks to the unique and international experience in the project, development and organization of EXPO Milan 2015 – BIODIVERSITY PARK we met the business of the world and we started working for export of products of Italian companies. We decided to improve a new challenging business area in our company to support Italian companies and international buyers in their business.

We created a network of international importers in 72 foreign countries and of hundred of Italian companies.

We work for food and beverage, beauty and wellness, design sectors.Our MARKETING and COMMUNICATION department is specialized in:

  • web and social marketing strategies and plans
  • press office activities
  • b2b communication campaigns
  • PR and institutional affairs

Our INTERNATIONAL SALES department is specialized in:

  • sales plans
  • relations and business management with international buyers
  • international certification
  • logistic
  • translations
  • packagings